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Plan Your Meals

Save time, money, and eat better by considering your nutritional goals. Knowing what your going to eat and when is key to prevent snacking, overeating, and eating poorly.

Planning gives you the opportunity to make predetermined, thoughtful decisions about your diet. If you often eat the first thing you see or eat what's convenient, this is for you.

When you plan meals, you give yourself a better chance of ensuring you eat a healthy, well-balanced meal. You can choose a delicious and healthy meal, preset the portion size, and prepare the ingredients.


Plan one meal a day for each day of the week. Ways to do this include:
1. Pack your lunch for each work day.
2. Look through your kitchen and determine what you have to eat for dinner each night, and then prepare it the day of.
3. Make time to eat breakfast at home.

Want to go all out and plan all your meals for the entire week? Click the download link for a FREE weekly meal planner.

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