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Soak in the Sun

Help yourself feel better by capturing the sun's natural rays through your skin. Even just a few minutes in the sunshine raises Vitamin D levels, which is an essential nutrient for healthy brain function, strong bones, and strong immune system.

You've probably heard that sunlight triggers your brain to release seratonin, which is the hormone that stabilizes our mood and helps with sleeping and digestion. Spending time in the sun also helps you to be calm, focused, and emotionally stable.

Many people report that the sun's warm rays on their skin simply makes them feel good. Research indicates on average 10-30 minutes in the sunlight for 2-3 times per week is enough to enjoy the sun's benefits.


Make sure you produce all the seratonin and Vitamin D you can and attempt to spend 5-15 minutes in the sun each day of the week. If you aren't getting enough sunlight already, here's a few ways you can ensure you do:

1. Find a comfortable place outside to rest and sit or lay down for 5-15 minutes, pointing yourself in the direction of the sun. If convenient, grab a chair to sit or lay down on a towel to maximize your comfort. Strip back your clothes to expose as much of your skin as possible. Think about absorbing the sun's rays, and recognize how good it feels. This can also be a great time to rest your mind and daydream, meditate, or do whatever helps you relax.

2. If you usually exercise at a gym or inside, change your routine and exercise outside. Wear light clothing that exposes as much skin as possible.

3. Eat a meal outside in the sun. If you usually eat lunch inside at home, at your desk, or in the breakroom, take it outside and find a comfortable spot in the sun. Invite friends or family to enjoy with others, and you can feel good about helping them to reap the sun’s benefits.

Don't forget the sunblock and sunglasses! Too much sun exposure can be harmful to your skin and eyes, so make sure to protect them.

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