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Healthy Morning Routine: 5 Key Elements

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Good health is not met by performing one healthy deed today, and maybe one tomorrow, or the next day. Good health comes from doing the same healthy deeds day after day, after day. If you want good health, you have to practice Healthy Habits.

One of my secrets to good health is not difficult, and it doen't require much time. In fact, you'll probably enjoy it. What is it?

A morning routine

Before the day fires up and you're fighting off the stress that comes with it, take a little time for yourself to prepare. A morning routine helps put you in a position to be your best self for whatever the day brings you.

It doesn't matter the order of your morning routine, or how long or short it is. You don't even have to do your morning routine exactly how I do mine. Just create a morning routine that suits you, and make sure you incorporate the key elements listed below.

My key elements to a healthy morning routine:

Common Wake-up Time: Get up at the same time every day, Monday - Friday (or which ever days are normal work days for you). Set your alarm to go off every day at a certain time, and then never change it. On your days off, sleep in if you like, but still include the other key elements of the morning routine.

Stretch: There are many benefits of stretching in the morning, which you can read about here: Top 5 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Today. Most importantly, stretching stimulates your senses, gets your blood flowing, and prepares you for the day ahead. Stretch your entire body, from your neck down to your ankles.

Drink water: Your body is likely dehydrated after sleeping, so drinking water soon after waking will help revive it and provide a boost of energy. I like to down 32 oz. of cold water before I leave for work. I keep a Nalgene bottle in the fridge overnight so I'm consistent with how much I drink each morning.

Eat protein: Eating a protein rich breakfast provides your brain with the amino acids it needs to function, as well as helps you develop and maintain lean muscle. Protein also helps you to feel fuller longer, minimizing morning snacking and cravings. If you didn't know, skipping breakfast is often linked to being overweight, so make sure to eat breakfast, and include a large helping of protein.

Plan your day: What are your goals? How will you accomplish them? Who do you need to help you? Thinking about your day will prepare your mind for success. I like to plan my day while I stretch; I save time by doing 2 things in my morning routine at once. You can also do it while you drive to work or while you eat breakfast. Whenever you plan your day, just make sure to do it before you begin attacking your day's tasks.

You likely won't recognize the benefits of a morning routine until after doing it for a few months. I strained a back muscle, and incorporated stretches into my routine to relieve the pain. It took 3 months of doing stretches until my back felt better. So make a morning routine habit, and keep at it for months to realize the positive results.

Note: having ONLY a morning routine won't improve your health. You need to practice other healthy habits to better your well being. However, a morning routine is a very easy, very quick, and very effective way to improve and maintain your health. Check out other healthy habits at Healthy Habits for Busy People.

If you like this tip, please let me know by leaving a comment. Please feel free to share a morning routine you like for others to try.

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