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Tuna Veggie

5 minutes

2 Servings

Tuna Veggie is almost as easy to make as pouring a bowl of cereal, but so much more healthy and delicious.

Tuna Veggie


  • Step 1: cook vegetables in microwave according to instructions

  • Step 2: open cans of tuna and mix with 1 tablespoon light mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons relish

  • Step 3: mix hot vegetables with tuna

How to make

There are a variety of ways to customize this easy meal. I like to mix tuna with light mayonnaise and relish. Some people enjoy tuna with mustard, paprika, hard boiled egg, or a cheese. Feel free to prepare the tuna to your own liking, and add spices to the mix as your heart desires. The vegetables and tuna have plenty of taste that you shouldn't need or desire a sauce or dressing, so steer clear of these sugary, salty, and fatty condiments.

Nutrition Facts

per 11 oz. serving

- calories: 238
- fat: 2.5 g
- saturated fat: 0 g
- carbohydrates: 26 g
- fiber: 6 g
- sugar: 9.5 g
- added sugar: 0 g
- protein: 30 g


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